7 Video Types For Your Content Strategy

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So you’ve made a decision to use video to connect with your audience. What video types for your content strategy should you use? What will be most effective to your business goals? What types of videos are out there for businesses? Does it all have to be professionally shot? Below is a short list of video production types and how they can be used to increase awareness, build lead generation, and establish trust with customers.

1. Explainer/Tutorial Videos
Used as a way to show a customer how to do something more efficiently – whether it’s using an online tool, tying a tie, or applying fake tan. Explainer or tutorial videos allow customers to see what it is they’re trying to achieve in action to help them follow along at home.
These videos are great not only for establishing expertness and ability, but for capturing the all-important “how to”- and “hack”-themed searches on YouTube. The quicker, clearer and to the point the video production the better for this type of filming. This content is more precious as is used video to educate the viewer, rather than just sell.

2. Animations
Animation is another type of video to incorporate into your content strategy. The reason many brands like animation is it gives you the creativity the brand is after, while still allowing a little distance if your CEO is weary of being too outspoken.
Through animation and brand characters, a new dimension of your brand is created. Animation provides visual and emotional stimulation, as well as that wow factor your content needs to be remembered. From 3D motion graphics to simple sketch animation, this can bring all your work to life.


3. Informative Breakdowns
Find it hard to describe your project on paper? Or even worse on the phone? Video uses visual and audio aids to help break down complicated processes and products in bitesize content, allowing for simple breakdowns and a referable page for your audiences. Plus you can add in a lot more music and lights to boost the glamour!
4. Product Reviews
Product reviews are a staple in the world of corporate video, but they are so for a reason. Because they’re effective. 57% of consumers are more confident to make a purchase online after watching a product video (Invodo). More confidence equals fewer returns, fewer sales calls and happier customers willing to share their experience with your brand. There’s also the famous stat from Zappos.com where simply adding a product description video to its product pages had a sales impact of 6-30% percent. All they did was add video. Nothing else. Why wouldn’t you do that?
5. Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
When it comes to evoking an emotional response, nothing does it better than video. Whether you’re a nonprofit on a limited budget or you have some serious cash to spend, to use video is to use the combination of sight and sound to affect people in a very real way.
Below is a video PSA for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta:

Creating content with such high emotional value hits viewers’ right in the chest and makes the impact real. Shocking and emotive videos like this are also much more likely to be shared and recongnised across social media.
6. Testimonials
Whether it’s from clients sharing how great it’s been to work with you, bloggers raving about your latest launch or even your own team talking about what it was like to be part of your latest project, testimonials are a powerful way to establish social proof. Even better, they’re as effective shot on your iPhone as they are done professionally. Snap them during in-store events, at tradeshows, or after the release of your latest project.

7. Instagram Video
Ben and Jerry’s, Rimmel, and Oreo are just some of major brands that have jumped onto Instagram to create a splash via short-form video. In fact, 40 percent of the top 1,000 most popular Instagram videos are from brands. Instagram serves as a great outlet to show off the spirit of your brand, to create community and to inspire engagement around what you’re doing. You can even dig out older content and slap on a fresh filter for a boosted, wider reach.


Content is King. Event if you don’t have the budget for a brand new shiny branded short film, repurpose any work you may have done already by converting into mp3, pics or a blog post. Whatever you do don’t just sit on it. Post it and let your whole audience benefit from the information you’re going over, content you only use once is content wasted. With so many different ways to incorporate video into your content marketing, there’s no excuse not to.

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