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With increasing popularity in the states, podcasting is quickly picking up traction here in the UK. We love a good Podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience has us in absolute pieces). Research shows that 23% more people are listening to podcasts year on year and that number is on the rise. Now we aren’t saying all podcast listeners are die hard fans, but they spend up to 6 hours a week tuning in! Podcasts really have the potential to gain a loyal following of avid listeners. All of these facts are very well and good, but how likely is it people will actually listen to your show? Well, actually, very likely. Around two-thirds of all podcasts uploaded attract an audience!

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A brief history of Podcasting 

2003– The very first podcast airs under the name “Radio Open Source”.

2004– The Guardian coins the term “Podcasting” in one of their articles. Later this year, Libsyn.com launches as the first ever Podcast service provider.

2005- iTunes launches version which allows apple users to download podcasts directly to their phones. This year also saw the word “Podcast” became word of the year. George W Bush, delivered his weekly presidential address as a podcast. Yahoo also launch a podcast search site.

2006- Garageband is released onto Apple computers, with a function which allows users to create their own podcasts.

2007- Comedian Ricky Gervais, sets the record for the most downloaded podcast ever at 261,670 downloads. Google jumps on the bandwagon and buys podcast friendly RSS reader “feedburner” for $100M.

2011- Adam Corolla manages to smash the record for the most downloaded podcast ever with 59,574,843 downloads.

2013- Apple announces that it now has 1 billion podcast subscribers.

2014- Apple buys podcast app Swell for $30 Million.

2017- Joe Rogan has 100,000,000,000 podcast downloads, making him the most downloaded podcast host ever.

Fun fact: Joe Rogan makes generates and estimated $60K-$100K from advertising per podcast!

Podcast demographics

In terms of who listens to podcasts, research found that 29% of podcast listeners were between the ages of 35-54. Only 16% of listeners were over the age of 55+, however this number is set to rise. A study found that since 2014, 5% more people aged over 55 were engaging with podcasts and listening to them regularly, as the older generation start to adopt this relatively new form of media.


What does the future hold?

It’s obvious that the podcast is here to stay. With Apple pre-installing the podcast application on all of their devices and further innovations in audio technologies producing products such as the Amazon Alexa and Google home, more people are able to access podcasts than ever before. The amount of people tuning into podcasts is already seeing exponential growth in the states. Industry professionals predict that technology companies are going to refocus their attention on podcasts, as another way of generating revenue.

So why not start your own business podcast today? It’s free to do and is a great way of communicating with members of your target audience!

Rylan Stubbins- Social Content and Marketing Intern

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