A Game of Drones

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, chances are you know what a drone is. For those of you that don’t, a drone’s an unmanned aerial vehicle, usually used by the military to carry missiles and other explosive payloads. However, here at Habit we use our drones more for video production purposes. By attaching a camera to them, we can capture some pretty amazing aerial shots, all from the safety of the ground.

Drones have a multitude of uses which can assist with construction, security and farming, but above all else, drones are hella fun. Some of the cheaper drones are now readily available for purchase and they make for great presents. In some cases, special flight permissions may need to be lodged before a flight but flying a drone is a great way to take some really cool aerial selfies!



In terms of filming capabilities, drones are extremely handy. Before their widespread use videographers would’ve relied on more expensive equipment to obtain aerial shots. Booms, dollies, rigs and even helicopters which (unless you wanted to sell an organ to fund) were commonly used by videographers to obtain those perfect shots. Now all we have to do is send our drone operator out with our brand spanking new DJI Mavic Pro! The bees-knees in drone technology and an impressive piece of kit. With a 4k camera and a 4.3-mile range, this drone can produce crystal clear footage from great distances.

drone beachHow our drone could enhance your project

Whether you need to organise some event filming, video tutorials, or some social media content, a little bit of drone footage can never go amiss. Want some beautiful sweeping footage of your spacious event venue? Our drone will provide viewers with a steady, birds-eye view, capturing the beauty of the event space from above. Maybe you need some branded content created for your sportswear brand? Flying our drone over your football/basketball/rugby game, we can get in the midst of the match. Planning a fashion show? We can smoothly follow your models as they waltz down the catwalk, capturing the whole show and reactions from above the heads of the crowd. The video production and filming possibilities really are endless!


To see more examples of video production, drone filming, branded content, motion graphics and other services we offer, head over to our website.

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