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A Game of Drones

Posted by | June 16 | No Comments on A Game of Drones

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, chances are you know what a drone is. For those of you that don’t, a drone’s an unmanned aerial vehicle, usually used by the military to carry missiles and other explosive payloads. However, here at Habit we use our drones more for […]

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Podcasting potential

Posted by | June 9 | No Comments on Podcasting potential

With increasing popularity in the states, podcasting is quickly picking up traction here in the UK. We love a good Podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience has us in absolute pieces). Research shows that 23% more people are listening to podcasts year on year and that number is on the rise. Now we aren’t saying all podcast listeners […]

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Office dog’s are pawsome

Posted by | May 26 | No Comments on Office dog’s are pawsome

If you’re lucky enough to come visit us at Habit HQ, there is a chance that you will meet Ruby our office dog. Ruby loves nothing more than to attack her chew toy, receive lots of fuss from everyone in the office, before retiring to the sofa for a well-deserved nap. She is everyone’s favourite […]

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Posted by | May 7 | No Comments on WHAT’S NEW WITH HABIT?

London is a city filled to the brim with culture, tech, food and fashion, it’s no wonder so many graduates choose to make this city of opportunity their home. Like many other students starting university, I was naïve and clueless about what I was going to do when I graduated. I knew that I wanted […]

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6 Creative Ways to Make Brainstorming More Productive

Posted by | November 30 | No Comments on 6 Creative Ways to Make Brainstorming More Productive

Coming up with fresh ideas isn’t a piece of cake. When your job requires churning them out on a daily basis, it can be easy to hit a wall. That’s why brainstorming sessions can be so helpful- though some are more productive than others. While some can be draining and feel like a waste of time, a […]

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5 Game-changing Ideas From 2015

Posted by | August 21 | No Comments on 5 Game-changing Ideas From 2015

There have been some game-changing innovations this year that will transform – in small ways and big – what people will start to expect from brands and businesses. Here’s a few tactics from the year that could start to make some impactful changes to the way we use brands.

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Cosmo Summer Party!

Posted by | August 21 | No Comments on Cosmo Summer Party!

A day of shooting, sunshine, projections and prosecco, the Cosmo Summer Party was certainly one of Habit’s hottest highlights this summer!

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Creative Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

Posted by | July 13 | No Comments on Creative Ways to Boost Workplace Productivity

Heading to a minimalist space every morning for your daily grind? Check out a few of our tips below to add a bit of creative clutter and increase workplace productivity.

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How to Use Video for Festival Marketing

Posted by | July 13 | No Comments on How to Use Video for Festival Marketing

Festival season is upon us! With all the amazing visuals, music, and excitement that they create, now is the perfect time to capture content and memories for your audience.  Here’s a few tips on using video for festival marketing:

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Brands that

Posted by | June 10 | No Comments on Brands that

Mastering the digital dialect of emoji is a pretty important 21st Century life skill. From the dial up days of Nokias in the 90s, to the C U L8R & LOLs of the 00s, communication has now been reduced to the smiley yellow faces of the present emoji. The world has moved on to a pixelated […]

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